Monday, May 20, 2019

B-Luv Tribute today!

As we watched her take her last earthly breath on Friday afternoon 3:14pm, we witnessed our ISistar of the microphone, our beloved B-Luv, (host of Saturdays show on with WEI - Women Entrepreneurs Intl.) transcend to the next level of existence.  It was such a peaceful transition, something I have never witnessed before in life.  As we gathered around her, with Minister Robert Floid Plump praying her into the celestial atmosphere.

Niamah Latif, LoveJoy Empower, 2 other Muslim sisters and myself, we were all witness to this heavenly event.  We will miss her so very much, as this Grand Sister moves on to continue her mission of uplifting and inspiring others on a grand level.

We Salute the essence of B-luv today on Monday Morning Mindfulness on 7-9am CST  8-10AM EST  We ask you to call in and share your thoughts and experiences of this Master Gardener, Story Teller, International Speaker/Author/Mother!
515-605-9325 Press 1 to speak!

It is so befitting that this is the Inaugural Celebration of a New Female Mayor, Lori Lightfoot.  What a way to celebrate the day! Join us today! Please spread the good news! In the words of B-Luv, remember to be more loving to yourself this day, as tomorrow is not promised!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Rest in Garden Peace B-Luv! (Betty Smith)

We honor our Sister of the microphone B-Luv

(Betty Smith) of WEI
(Women Entrepreneurs Intl.) who made her transition on Friday!
She was host of WEI

 Saturdays 12 noon on   We honor the work this Mother,  Master Gardener, IntL Speaker.   Memorial  Location June 1st TBA

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

building the village

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates 0.5% of your AmazonSmile purchase price to the charitable organization of your choice. 
Higher Learning Network NFP 
Location: Chicago, IL | Year Founded: 2006
Mission: HLN was founded in part due to the need of youth finding their way in the Broadcasting Industry. HLN teaches behind-the-scenes Radio/TV/Print Production, with an emphasis on youth development. As a result, adults/community residents who were searching for a way to provide for their families and improve their quality of life became interested and got involved as well. ZeldaSpeaks, (The Mindfulness/Stress Relief Coach) the co-founder retired from radio would volunteer speaking at community events…
Programs: How To Create Your Own Job! (Using Natural Gifts, Talents, and Abilities!), Ex-Offenders Publishing Project, How To Create Wealth Using Social Media, How To Self Publish and Keep 10% Profit!

When you shop on this site, you make the difference in saving a Senior Citizen's or a Child's life!
At The Higher Learning Network,NFP, we teach youth behind-the-scenes- Radio/TV/Print production which helps the community at large.

Your shopping dollars will go a whole lot farther when you
help keep the village in tact.  Thanks for your support!

Your dollars matter! Make it a great day!
Spread the joy! Continue to build the village.

#mindfulness matters #StressRelief #PleaseShare

Monday, May 13, 2019

your house is on fire if you live in Illinois!

 Just in case you missed it:

The Hybrid Octopus Tax System Part 2: How It Affects You!

Just in case you missed  Monday Morning Mindfulness:
This information was shared with me by our guest Anthony Travis
of the Octopus HybrdidTax System who says,
" If you live in the state of Illinois, you are being OVERTAXED for the last 40 years!
According to the Tax Doctor, Anthony Travis, Founder of The Octopus Hybrid Tax System,
you are paying up the nose and your house is about to burn down!

Mr. Travis shared the story of Robb Perry, a business man in Coles county
They started the concerned tax payer in Coles county.
This group have file three law suits against their county for over taxing them
and Robb is part of our coalition!

The commercial and industrial properties have not been reassessed for 15 years! 

YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE! is the campaign!
STATE REP LaShawn Ford
State Senator Kim Lightfoot

1. Write individual letter (each letter is representativeof 10,000 Letters) They know most people are too lazy to write so
that's why ONE Letter is worth so much! Hopefully your 1 letter is written TODAY!

SEND A COPY to both State Reps asking them the following:
(You have the right because your tax dollars pay their salery!)

sk them:

1) To Get the schools OFF Property Tax System!)
(So Chicagoans/Illinoisians can save money and STOP PAYING HIGH TAXES!

2, Have one state wide budget for funding our schools,
consolidate the 856 districts down to 102 and unify k-12 s districts.
(The 7,000 units of government should be cut down to 1500)
& You wonder why there's so much governmental waste!

3. Stop local Citizens from losing their homes to property taxes! (
Remember how Dr. Willie Wilson helps people pay their
property taxes at City Hall this past February?
He knows the tricks of governement and helping people on his own!)
You can do the same by demanding this plan of action!

4. Pension Crisis: cut out the 3 % increases  for any one making over $50,000 and up.

5. Cut out the PROTECTION clause.

6. TAX retirement  income over $50,000 and up!

The Tax Doc may 12, 2019

There you have it!
Questions? Contact Anthony Travis
or email

Monday, April 15, 2019

Tax Deadline Today! Why We Pay Taxes? Where Are Those Dollars Going?

Today's guest are

Rabbi Michael Ben Yosef

1. Honor Graduate Magnum Cum Laude from Kaplan University Bachelor of Science in Psychology 

2. Studied in the Israelite Rabbinical Academy Chicago.

Ordination as "Rabbi" Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute

2. Active Member of the International Israelite Board of Rabbis founded by Chief Rabbi Wentworth A. Matthews 

3. President/CEO of Tikkun Chai Inter-National. A foundation that advocates for social justice & equality locally, nationally and Internationally
4. Spiritual Leader of Riamaina Yisrael Congregation in Kenya, East Africa.  A new community that has returned back to the traditions of their ancient forefathers and foremothers in Judaism.
5. Host of World Black News - a broadcast that offers news on black development and to presents black news that is often not shared

6. Community Organizer with Refuse Fascism Chicago a chapter of our National Office Refuse  A resistence that counters the rise of Fascism that seeks to destroy ALL human rights nationally and Internationally 

My Beautiful Sister, Samaneh Ahmadi, who was a guest on the show today is a Professor at Morraine Valley College, teaching  there as well as in Iran.

She also worked in a gas turbine power plant in her native country and completed her masters degree at the Illinois Institute of Technology on the south side of Chicago.

She currently teach electronics and industrial controls at a community college on the southwest side of Chicago. 

She initially grew up in Louisville, Kentucky where she had several encounters with the honored Mohammad Ali during his visits to the Mosques in Louisville.  She says “My family and I have faced heavy setbacks, adversities and discrimination from the Western society because of our national origin and faith as Muslims despite our education and contributions to the society which brings me to question the democracy that is claimed to be the reason to justify the wars imposed on us in the Middle East. Are they setting a good example of democracy here in the West before they impose it on Middle Eastern countries through war?”

Hear the show!


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Homeless, Not Helpless!

What would you do if you just happen to become homeless?

Well.... (more at

Monday, March 18, 2019

women of north lawndale employment network

March 18th, 2018

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Monday Morning Mindfulness!

Just in case you missed it:

 Pauline Sylvain of North Lawndale Employer's Network,
Shavon: The Godess of Egg Rolls, Etc. and Neila!
zeldaspeaks purple page w mic
You can hear us Celebrating  Women's HERstory Month

Douglas Robinon's death will not be in vain!
doug hat

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